New value of space
Urbanbase seeks to discover the new value of life, based on technology and data that combine virtual and reality.
About Urbanbase
Just 2 Seconds
Holds patented technology that
converts 2D floorplan into 3D
model in just 2 seconds.
About Urbanbase
Only 1 Year
Secured 3D spatial data of 5
million households in just 1 year
About Urbanbase
3D Real Estate Data
5.5 M
3d Product Data
7.2 K
Holds large amount of valuable 3D spatial data that can be applied to various businesses.
About Urbanbase
3D Spatial Data
Urbanbase aims to be a “3D Spatial Data Platform” that can utilize Urbanbase API and SDK, and a large number of spatial data. We aim to create an ecosystem that enables anyone to easily create AR/VR services based on Urbanbase data.
Why Platform

With Studio, you can quickly and easily design 3D space for your own lifestyle.
The space of the original floorplan will become more abundant and the recognition difference of the architectural drawings is greatly reduced.

Auto Sketch
Product that automatically converts 2D floorplan into 3D model in just 2 seconds
Live Sketch
Product that enables direct drawing of 2D floorplan and converts to 3D model
Library of 3D-rendered products

About 7,000 products with PBR are available in the same size as the actual product, compatible with multi devices (enabling n-screen). It is applied to various industries such as home design, architecture, e-commerce and more

3D Viewer
N-Screen compatible, can easily render 3D models
3D Home Design
Based on 7,000 3D models, you can freely design your home on the web

It is a cloud service that saves 3D model / product data created in Studio and converts it into various 3D formats. You can also share 3D products anytime, anywhere

Function that you can upload and store 3D models in the cloud and view them on any device, at any time
A function that converts a .DAE file to 3D standard formats, such as .OBJ, .DAE, .GLTF, .SBF (Codec)

It is developed based on Google ARCore / SceneForm and Apple ARKit, and offers various UX and convenient functions as a library. It dramatically reduces development costs and time for AR implementation.

AR Viewer
Product that include floor plan and wall recognition, 3D object manipulation, screen capture and sharing
Sketch Viewer
A product that can enables 3D conversion of a floorplan by taking a picture or uploading it. It can also be seen in the AR mode
Space Viewer
Product that recognizes and analyzes objects within an image

Around 80,000 pieces of spatial data are machine-learned by our own algorithm. Artificial intelligence enables analysis of each image, such as the space itself, furniture and preference, and recommends the best product.

AI that enables spatial analysis / object recognition / preference analysis / artificial intelligence
Utilizing Urbanbase’s proprietary API/SDK, we are developing various services.
  • Space consulting
    Users can experience the whole purchase process through VR in the product selection, and it is used as offline sales tool.
  • Real estate service
    By using real estate service powered by our API, we are strengthening customized functions within the platform.
  • Customized consulting
    We provide consulting service for lifestyle customization, that identifies the living space of the customer prior to the purchase, in order to recommend the best products for their homes.
  • Presentation tool
    Without building the physical model, you can instantly build 3D model and use mobile device to introduce the project. It saves time and money, and increases accuracy in the communication process with the customers.
  • E-commerce
    The market-proven Urbanbase’s AR Viewer maximizes customer experience and effectively promotes e-commerce products.
New Ecosystem
By using Urbanbase’s platform, you can create a new
ecosystem with various services.
By linking spatial data with IoT, the control and monitoring efficiency of smart factories and smart cities can be enhanced.
When installing security cameras or building security systems, Urbanbase technology can be used to identify blind spots and simulate optimal locations.
Interior and Moving Simulation
For moving and renovation, you can virtually place furniture and interior items prior to the actual move-in date so it can save time and other related costs.
We provide high-quality 3D products that are implemented in the same proportions and materials as the actual products, enhancing customer experience to a higher level.
Indoor Navigation
It is possible to efficiently design and provide information for complex shopping malls or airports, such as navigation or evacuation routes.
Fire fighting and education
Virtual control and monitoring are possible without the physical access in case of fire, and other accidents in a high-rise building.
Concert Reservation
You can preview the stage you want in 3D in advance, and provide distance information between the seats to enhance customer satisfaction.
Based on the real-world measure, background or the space can be depicted more vividly.
Urbanbase is being covered through various global media and opinion leaders.
Tech Crunch
Korean startup Urbanbase gets $1.8M to turn apartment floor plans into virtual reality
Tech for korea
Urbanbase launches AR-based Home Design App
VR Focus
Urbanbase Release AR Presentation Tool For Architects
Market Insider
Urbanbase Releases "AR Scale" Beta, a 3D Cloud-Based AR Presentation Tool for Architects
Market Watch
Urbanbase Releases "AR Scale" Beta, a 3D Cloud-Based AR Presentation Tool for Architects
Each partner is expanding its service areas through various partnerships with Urbanbase.
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