Urbanbase will continue to research and provide various API / SDK to make indoor space information more valuable.
  • 2D floorplans can be converted automatically into 3D model, in real time basis.
  • Users can directly convert 2D floorplans that they have sketched, into 3D models.
  • Assets
    3D models, 3D drawings, etc., can be uploaded and managed in a library format.
  • Including N-screen function, it makes it easier to render 3D objects.
  • Utilizing virtual space makes it easier for users to experience the actual interior.
  • Drive
    Drive is a web storage that enables users to save 3D products registered on ‘Assets’
  • Magic
    Magic includes a function that automatically converts 3D data stored in ‘Drive’, to various forms 3D formats.
  • Developed based on ARCore / ARKit, it can manipulate various 3D objects.
  • Including the floorplan snapshot and upload features, the floorplans converted into 3D can be checked in AR format, in real-time basis.
  • You can extract and analyze spatial / object information in an image, and use the result in augmented reality.
  • After making real-time spatial information analysis of photos, images, and other resources, it reports in the form of space classification / object analysis / product recommendation.
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