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    # Explanation

    Space is a space analysis service using AI technology and analyzes snapshots of specific space using Computer Vision and CNN(Convolutional Neural Network) based Deep Learning technology.
    It quickly detects various objects located in the given space and classifies the image into one of living room / room / kitchen / bathroom spaces based on Urbanbase’s ‘Space’ algorithm and the detected objects.
    You can utilize detected objects and space classification information to recommend accessories, furniture, electronic products, etc., that match the given space.
    Urbanbase is developing the algorithm so that persona analysis and taste analysis of the customer can be done only by using the spatial image.

    • Note
      • You do not need professional knowledge on Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and you can add powerful spatial image analysis service to web, mobile, applications with easy-to-use API.
      • The process of Retraining by utilizing User Data, it constantly learning a tremendous amount of new data to improve accuracy.
      • Regardless of the number of requests, fast and consistent response time is supported.

    # Function / Process

    Space currently supports four functions depending on the purpose of use.
    The following table describes the functions of Space.

    Function Description
    Space Classification Classifies images into living room / room / kitchen / bathroom.
    Object Detection Detect the location and type of various objects in the image.
    Preference Analysis Analyze the interior style, representative colors, and preference of the space.
    Product Recommendation We recommend products suitable for the space through information given by spatial analysis.

    # Space Classification

    Space Classification Space classification analyzes spatial images and classifies them in the order of probability among spaces such as living room / room / kitchen / bathroom through space algorithm and returns them.

    # Object Detection

     Object Detection Object Detection returns the location and type of furniture, electronics, interior items, and other products that exist in the space image.

    # Preference Analysis

    Preference Analysis Customized preference analysis analyzes the interior style and representative colors of space based on the results of spatial classification and object detection.

    # Product Recommendation

    Product Recommendation Based on the results of space classification, object detection, and preference analysis, Product Recommendation feature recommends a product suitable for space.

    # Applications

    # Home Interior Curator

    By using Space, we recommend home interior products that are optimized for each individual. You can navigate through artificial intelligence in a matter of seconds and try out the interior to suit your space.

    # e-Commerce

    Most online shopping malls use product recommendation engines. By using Space product recommendation algorithm, we can recommend products that are likely to be purchased by consumers. In addition, preference analysis algorithm of Space can predict consumer’s taste or the recent shopping trends.

    # Space Viewer

    Urbanbase Space Viewer allows users to place recommended products in any locations they want, through augmented reality (AR). It is easy and simple to check whether the product is suitable for the space without placing the actual physical product.

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