# Tutorial

    # Auto Sketch

    # Explanation

    When the project was done by physical mock-up production, various resources such as financial cost, time, and labor were consumed.
    By using Auto Sketch, you can check objects based on actual area using simple floorplan files and image files. You can also use floorplan images to convert to 3D modeling files with various extensions (*.obj, *.dae, etc.).
    With the 2D-3D Converting technology, you can create your own 3D modeling files or visualize them directly without sharing 2D CAD floorplans (*.dwg).
    Until now, mockups and floorplans have had problems such as security, damage or loss. However, ‘Auto Sketch’ can visually check the results of 3D modeling without any geographical barriers, only if you have internet and jpg files.
    This makes it possible to reduce the size of files, solve security problems, reduce costs, and increase convenience.

    • Summary
      • Development of a 3D floorplan conversion engine for floorplans or images.
      • Extension of library, modularization, and plug-ins that can be installed in design programs such as AutoCAD, SketchUp

    # Process

    One-Touch Processing
    Before Before After After
    Traditionally, when converting to 3D, it had to go through a rather complicated process such as dimension modification, region separation, individual modeling process, and exception handling.
    It is now structured within Auto Sketch and processed
    so that the user can view the results of the image file in one action, Drag and Drop.
    Auto Sketch engine eliminates these complex and unnecessary operations.
    Additional benefits occur, such as reduced processing time during the operation.
    In addition, by analyzing the characteristics of each zone, we provide basic analysis of flooring and wall materials, and can provide 3D modeling files that carry significance, through Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Auto Sketch algorithms.

    # Applications

    # Creating Mock-Ups

    Auto Sketch can be used to preview the shape of the mockup in 3D. Even if the mockup is not physical created, you can check the dimension error and symbol error. In addition, you can check the shape of your floorplans and make it easier to make corrections and modifications.

    # Building, Running and Testing Applications

    You can import the floorplan image from Auto Sketch and import it as a 3D modeling file through ‘Computer Vision’, ‘Machine Learning’, and etc.
    Simply enter low volume image file (*.jpg, *.png, *.bmp), to see the results of your 3D modeling.

    # Real-time multi-party online video conferencing

    Auto Sketch allows you to import 3D modeling files through drawing floorplans in real time. Online video conferencing can solve problems such as geographical barriers and transportation of mock-ups. You can also visualize 3D modeling files even if you only have drawing image files by implementing the application on the Web.

    # Live Sketch

    # Explanation

    Live Sketch is a service that enables users to check their own floorplans and 3D images without professional knowledge or expertise.
    Modeling of the buildings can be done and edited with a simple operation without using or learning expensive 3D modeling tools, which is a great advantage in reducing the time and effort required to create a prototype of a structure of the house.
    You can browse 3D objects at various angles and randomly arrange windows and doors.

    # Live Sketch Mode

    Edit Mode Draw 2D floorplans and place doors and windows.
    View Mode Make 3D view based on the created floorplan.

    # Edit Mode

    • Wall Editing
      Modify the wall structure.
      Create Wall If the Edit Wall Button is activated in the 2D floorplan, click on the empty space to start creating the wall, then click on the next point to continue. Double click at the end point to stop drawing.
      Move Wall Click the line or point drawn on the 2D floor plan to open the Context menu, and then click the Move button. At this point, the wall snaps to the mouse, and when you click on the target point to move, then the wall movement is completed.
      Delete Wall Click the line or point you want to delete, and open the Context menu, then click the Delete button.
    • Door Editing
      Place the door over the wall you created.
      Create Door Double-click on the desired location of the line created in the 2D floorplan to create the door.
      Delete Door Click the door you want to delete and click the Delete button in the Context menu.
    • Window Editing
      Place the window over the wall you created.
      Create Window Double click on the desired location of the line created in the 2D floorplan to create a window.
      Delete Window Click the window you want to delete and click the Delete button in the Context menu.

    # Camera Control

    Function Input Key Auxiliary Key Explanation
    Expansion 'Zoom in' button Mouse wheel Up Zoom in on the Screen.
    Scale Down 'Zoom out' button Mouse wheel Down Zoom out on the Screen.
    Starting Point 'Origin' button - Start with the default starting point and scale.
    Panning Mouse right button + drag - Hold the view screen and move the view.
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