Virtualization Platform

Urbanbase’s core philosophy is in spatial data, and the ultimate goal is to build a ‘virtualization platform’ that enables anyone to seamlessly and promptly create and use spatial data, through Urbanbase’s SDK and API. ‘Spatial data’ is the most essential part in the implementation of digital twin and smart city and is the basis for reinterpreting the value of space and creating a new technology ecosystem. Urbanbase will be the leader in ‘spatial data’, which is the basis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, through the virtualization platform, and will continue to strive to create diverse ecosystems through the development of various technologies related to spatial analysis.
New Ecosystem with Urbanbase platform


3D automatic conversion and drawing tool

Anyone can easily draw floorplans and convert them in to 3D files.

  • Auto Sketch
    API, Engine

    Function that automatically converts 2D floorplans to 3D models.

  • Live Sketch
    API, Interface

    Editor function that enables users to draw 2D floorplans and convert to 3D models.

  • Assets
    API, Interface

    Function for uploading and managing 3D models of products and floorplans.


Multi-Channel 3D viewer technology

Anyone can easily control the 3D model without limitation on the device.

  • 3D Viewer
    SDK, API

    3D renderer that can be used on various devices such as Web/HMD

  • 3D Home Design
    SDK, API

    Function for virtual interior designing experience, by utilizing products registered on ‘3D Floorplans’ and ‘Assets’


Cloud-based API for format conversion

3D files are converted to different formats and provide product data storage.

  • Drive
    API, Interface

    Web storage that enables users to save 3D products registered on ‘Assets’.

  • Magic
    API, Interface

    Function that automatically converts 3D data stored in ‘Drive’, to various forms 3D formats.


Vision library

Providing information through spatial analysis and fast augmented reality features.

  • AR Viewer

    Function that presents various objects in to AR, including 3D models.

  • Space Viewer
    Library, API

    Real-time analysis of the space presented in the form of photo, and using the result to apply in AR.

  • Sketch Viewer
    Library, API

    Function to implement automatically and/or manually converted 3D models into AR.


Spatial analysis engine

Analyzes the recognized space on the camera and provides various reports on it.

  • Taker
    API, Engine

    Function that provides object recognition, space classification, and analysis of customer’s preference by analyzing information of the space (such as photos).

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