Cloud-based API for
format conversion

‘CONNECT’ is a cloud-based service that consists of both ‘Drive’, which stores and searches data of 3D floorplans/products, and ‘Magic (Covert-Engine)’, which converts stored 3D data into various other 3D formats.

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Upload 3D models on the cloud, save them, and open them anywhere on the web or any mobile devices. It is an easy-to-use 3D sharing platform that can be used by the general users, as well as professionals like 3D modelers.


There are over 40 different formats for creating and saving 3D files. Just like this, in order to open or use the 3D file in anywhere, it has to be converted in to the standard format according to the environment. ‘Magic’ performs a 3D conversion codec function that enables seamless upload of .DAE file and the uploaded file can be downloaded again in .OBJ, .DAE, .GLTF and .SBF file formats.

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