Multi-channel 3D Viewer

‘Core’ consists of 3D Viewer, which is responsible for rendering 3D objects (3D models of items and floorplans) created through ‘Studio’, and another function called 3D Home Design, which places interior items and characters on the 3D floorplan.
We are currently publishing SDKs for Web and Mobile Web, and we plan to publish SDKs for HMD and iOS/Android in the future, after applying various feedbacks and comments.

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3D Viewer

‘3D Viewer’ is a function that can easily render 3D objects in Web, HMD, iOS/Android, without any additional development. The solution is divided into Basic and Pro (separate consultation required) according to the rendering quality.

  • Supports various device environments (n- screen)

    Previously, additional development was required for 3D models to deal with various types of devices, 3D Viewer can adapt to various devices with only one- time application.

  • High-quality rendering

    It is possible to perform high quality graphics by applying PBR and it can be divided into Basic and Pro, according to the rendering quality, and can be optimized according to the purpose of use.

  • Optimized performance

    We are continuously researching and improving technologies for faster and smoother processing of high-capacity, high-quality 3D models, When applying VR/AR.

3D Home Design

The ‘3D Home Design’ feature allows users to have easy virtual interior experience without having to visit the store physically.
Users can try placing approximately 7,000 3D products that are virtually provided by Urbanbase, and it can be placed in a desired 3D space with just a few clicks and movements. The amount of sunlight can also be checked by adjusting the illuminance according to time and space.
With this service reference, various industries such as interior, architecture, hardware, movies and games are considering to apply our solution in their business.

  • Applying variety of styles

    Based on data from 7,000 3D models and 5.5 million households (in Korea), you can easily experience home designing in virtual space, in any style you prefer.

  • Unrestricted product placement

    You can place furniture and home appliances within the virtual space with a tape measure, area calculator and anti-collision function so that 3D products can be placed like the real-world environment.

  • Low-cost, high efficiency

    Simulation is possible by easily moving and arranging products by using VR service, without the cost and labor of moving heavy furniture or home appliances.


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