3D automatic conversion
and drawing tool

Studio is a web service that allows anyone to sketch 2D floorplans of apartments, villas, offices and etc., directly on the web environment, and convert them to 3D in real-time basis.
The main functions are 'Auto Sketch', which automatically converts 2D floorplans into 3D models, 'Live Sketch' that shows 2D floorplans directly and converts them in to 3D models, and 'Assets' that manage actual 3D models in a library form, such as interior items / furnitures and buildings.

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Auto Sketch

Auto sketch is the world's only automated floorplan conversion service in real time basis. Urbanbase holds 5.5K floorplans through its patented technology of converting 2D floorplans into 3D models, and has built the world's largest 3D spatial database.
We plan to provide plug-in for Autodesk CAD and SketchUp and upgrade Live Sketch technology to allow users to freely convert flat-panel drawings to 3D or 3D files.

  • Optimal speed

    Based on patented technology that converts 2D floorplans into 3D models in just a few seconds, 5.5K models of apartments were collected in just 1.5 years and proved its usefulness by various users.

  • More information

    By learning various symbols and notations (multi- lingual) that make up the floorplan, our technology has accumulated high accuracy in floorplan recognition and can extract and convert various information based on it.

  • Incomparable quality

    How is a realistic 3D space created? Accurate detecting and noise correction technolgy for each space creates a realistic 3D floorplan.

Live Sketch

‘Live Sketch’ is a Sketch service that enables users to draw floorplans on the web and place interior or home designing items. The service maximizes user’s experience by converting 2D drawing into 3D model and showing in real time. Previously, solutions such as AutoCAD and Sketchup were difficult to be operated for the general users, which caused hiring expensive manpower and excessive time consumption.
However, Live Sketch enables general users to easily draw floorplans on the web and directly view 3D models of the buildings/structure, as well as placing items directly on the floorplan for interior design.


Live Sketch

Live Sketch

Key function

Drawing production

  • Line production
    • Wall creation, removal, change, separation
    • Curve
    • Snap mode
  • Room floor production
    • Room creation, removal, change, separation
    • Curve
    • Snap mode
  • Floor plan data
    • New, Save, Load, Import Sample
    • Drawings

Home Design

  • Decoration design
    • Doors, windows
    • Furniture, garden, structure
    • Applying Physics (Anti-Collision)
    • Drag & drop
    • Placement and modification
    • Lock
  • Wall Properties
    • Wall thickness, Height, slope
    • Solid color, material
    • Floor Properties
    • Solid color, material
  • Business
    • Brand section


  • HUD, UI, label, symbol display
    • Labels by Room Wall
    • Length Dimension Label
    • Resize arbitrary space
  • UX and convenience features
    • Undo, redo
    • Left, right, upside down and rotate
    • Manuals and Help
    • Feedback
    • SNS, email share/send
  • Visual detail
    • Light and shadow by time and region Screenshots (normal, realistic, 360 degrees)

Live Sketch Todo Plan

YAll 3D floorplans converted from Auto Sketch can be modified via ‘Live Sketch’, and this will be upgraded to an integrated service that enables home design by freely arranging 3D products that are already uploaded on ‘ASSETS’.

Converting Import 3D Model Modification Item Placement Item Purchase Save


‘Assets’ provides functions for easy management of 3D models created by commonly used 3D tools such as 3D Max and SketchUp, in library form. In addition to the integrated management of 3D models created by users, the uploaded models can be checked immediately in VR/AR form and it can be easily shared to anyone.

  • High quality AR service

    Experience your own high-quality 3D files as VR/AR.

  • Cloud Sharing Service

    Provide a fast and convenient business environment from anywhere, anytime.

  • Automatic 3D format conversion

    Depending on the device environment (Web,Mobile), it automatically converts the format so that you can experience the same service.


  • Auto Sketch
    Live Sketch
    • Online courses
    • Multi-party video conferencing
    • 3D printing
    • Real estate
    • Space Simulation

    Anyone can easily convert, edit and create 2D floorplans into 3D models.

  • Assets
    3D Viewer
    AR Viewer
    • Architecture / Furniture
    • Design Competition
    • Interior
    • VR cotents

    In addition to 3D converted floorplans, users can view 3D models (of buildings, interior items, home appliances, furniture, etc.) through Web, VR and AR.

  • Assets
    Space Viewer
    • eCommerce
    • Interior

    Urbanbase’s space learning AI, ‘Space API’ provides recommendation of interior items that match user’s personal space.

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